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2020 Board Elections

THE CANDIDATES ARE:       PRESIDENT ELECT - Eric Lee and Jeanette Davis
DIRECTOR -  Sara Davenport, Mandi Richens, Matt Kartchner, Jaxon Lish, Sarah Brocksmith and Bryan Palmer (vote for 2)
RESULTS:                               President Elect: Eric Lee
                                                 2-year Director: Bryan Palmer
                                                 3-year Director:  Matt Kartchner
                                                 Appointed Director:  Mandi Richens
 NomineesPresident Elect (3 YR)
Eric Lee

  Eric Lee is the Broker of Equity Real Estate in Ogden. He currently serves as a Director with the Brigham Tremonton Board. He has been a REALTOR for 17 years.   "I have been asked to serve, and it is an honor to do so.  I've learned a lot and grown closer to my peers while serving as a director."


Jeanette Davis 

 Jeanette Davis is with Century 21 Everest in Centerville.  She has been a REALTOR for 6 years. She currently serves as a Director with the Brigham Tremonton Board.  "Being President of the Brigham Tremonton Board of REALTORS will allow me to assist the members of the Board and members of the community in regards to real estate.  It would be  my goal to help members to improve skills as REALTORS so we can better serve our community."


 Nominees Director  

Sara Davenport
  Sara Davenport is with Perfect Fit Real Estate in Tremonton.  She has been a REALTOR for 2 years.  "I enjoy working  with other members of our Board and helping out where needed."


Mandi Richens

   Mandi Richens is with Besst Realty Group in North Ogden.   She has been a REALTOR for 5 years.  "I’m seeking to   become a director of our board because I feel it will expand my understanding and appreciation of our board. I’m   always looking for ways to increase my knowledge and build relationships with others. This opportunity will allow me to do both as well as give back to the wonderful members of our board and some of the most amazing individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with!  I believe I would be an asset to the board of directors because of my dedication to advocate for realtors and maintain the camaraderie we have between fellow agents & affiliates alike. I’m eager to learn, I get along well with others and I enjoy the interaction necessary to sustain relationships.  It is with integrity, passion & diligence I would contribute my ideas & represent each member to my fullest ability."
Matt Kartchner
Matt Kartchner is the Broker with All American Real Estate in Brigham City. He currently serves as a Director on the  Brigham Tremonton Board. Matt has been a REALTOR for 6 years.  "I am happy to bring all that I can to help serve all  members of the Brigham Tremonton Board of REALTORS.  I have enjoyed the short time that I have held a Director  position on the Board and look forward to continuing that responsibility if I am needed."
Jaxon Lish
  Jaxon is with Lish Realty in Tremonton. He has been a REALTOR for one year.  "I welcome the opportunity to assist with the Board, to give back and gain experience from my pears as I acquire more knowledge in the process."


Bryan Palmer
 Bryan is with Equity Real Estate the Palmer Team in Brigham City.  He is currently serving as the Chair of our Member   Services Committee.   "I have Been a board member for over 5 years.  During this time frame I have worked with many  of you and have loved it!  I have served on the member services Committee for many of those years and have enjoyed   that.  I love serving our community and clients by helping them sell or buy their home.  I look forward to an opportunity  to work on the board of directors.  Thank you!"
Sarah Brocksmith

  Sarah is with Equity Real Estate in Ogden.